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Established in 2009 Johannesburg, South Africa. CF Parkour has the vision of bringing the movement of parkour to everyone who desires it. Coaching students and entertaining spectators one day at a time.
We offer parkour classes,  personal trainers, coaches, performers, athletes, workshops and events throughout the year.
To get more information on classes and workshops please visit our class and event page. For Performances, Athletes, or Parkour Birthday Parties, please send an email to
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We are a team of professional athletes, coaches and personal trainers each specialised in different movement patterns such as Parkour, Freerunning, Tricking, Break Dancing and Martial Arts.

Our style of moving is influenced by more than one art form. What we offer to you is the knowledge that we have gathered over the passed decades.

Keeping to the roots of the movement, we always make sure that our practice is traditionally challenging and good for your mental and physical health.

We will help you build your foundation to a strong healthy lifestyle. We will be challenging your limits to create the best version of yourself that you can be.

Parkour in South Africa has never looked so exciting. CFC offers Parkour Classes in Morningside, Gauteng. Our coaches can be found in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well. Book a class wherever you are!



Parkour is an art form that involves using your body to move efficiently and swiftly through any natural environment. Practitioners of parkour are known as ‘traceurs’ and the goal of every traceur is to develop his/her body while perfecting a vocabulary of techniques in order to achieve a certain level of mastery over the natural environments that we all live in.
Traceurs learn to take the fastest route from point “A” to point “B” overcoming any obstacle in there way in an instant. They are masters of chase or escape.


Freerunning is much more expressive, and practitioners of freerunning are known as ‘freerunners’. Like traceurs, there is a heavy emphasis  on efficient and silent movement, but unlike traceurs freerunners do not move with any specific direction or destination in mind. Instead, they see their canvas as the landscape, and the art as the potential motion that fills it. Freerunners will run up walls and do backlfips, twists, and spin all over the place decorating barriers and ledges with gracefully flowing movements inspired by many other art forms.

Perhaps the greatest purpose of a movement practice is to open up our capacity to have experiences that are profoundly meaningful

Rafe Kelley

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